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Image Enhancement Services of Electrical Appliances for Client’s Website Catalogue

Client Profile

This photo editing project was outsourced to us by a premium lighting company based in the UK. Their requirement was to publish properly edited photos on their website’s product catalogue. This company is a popular lighting service provider company, offering high-tech household and commercial equipments like light bulbs, ceiling lights, indoor-outdoor lighting solutions, modern LED accessories, etc. They have maintained a completely detailed online catalogue displaying all their products, specifications, pricing along with images. Our client wanted to enhance his products’ image quality before uploading it to the final site. He wanted to outsource this work as in-house image processing would have cost him a fortune.

Project Outlines

Our photo editing services usually have a straightforward process to simplify the team’s efforts without affecting the final results:

Procedure for the Project

The following process was followed by our image editors for this particular image clipping path service:

Step 1 -

The client first of all sent us the unprocessed images in JPG format through Microsoft One Drive. And also the details of how he wanted to get each of the different photos edited.

Step 2 -

Then our competent photo editing team discussed the procedure and tools required for this editing task and prepared a workflow for the same.

Step 3 -

Our team started working on the images as requested by the client and rendered the images using the high-end technology and preeminent methodologies.

Step 4 -

The images were given final retouches by the QC team and the changes were finalized for the processed pictures.

Step 5 -

Again through Microsoft One Drive, the final files were submitted to the client before the stipulated time frames, to provide better post-outsourcing services.

Challenges Faced

Most of the challenges faced in photo editing services are due to the file formats of the given images. In this project some of the images were not in the common JPG format. They were to be converted into Adobe Photoshop readable files for easy handling. Also in some images it was hard to attain the web-friendly size due to their high resolution. For this other software was downloaded to manipulate the imagedimensions and file size simultaneously. Expertise and common logic had to be applied as well for some images that included wires, cables, composite backgrounds, etc. While renaming the images there were some exceptions which were not specified by the client and those were sent back to the client as queries.

Quick Actions

  • Up-to-date photo editing applications to get only the highest resolution images.
  • Skilled image editors who understand the in-depth technicalities of such projects.
  • High speed servers to remove changes of damage to the original pictures.
  • Flexible staffing patterns to complete bulk volume projects before the deadlines.
  • Frequent client interactions for better understanding of exceptional images.
  • Economical service rates that suit your outsourcing budget.

Client’s Benefits

Our client’s main aim was to get the highest quality processed image ready to go live on their company’s online catalogue. Our tailored outsourcing solutions helped him a lot to retain his company’s primary workflow while getting the perfectly processed images. He did not want to exhaust his precious resources for this time-consuming and non-core task. By outsourcing to us, he saved both time and money which he used to enhance his main business operations. He also got an easy to access directory of renamed images, categorized by the image type. Our round the clock working shifts made it easy for him to check out the progress of the work and solve queries of our team.

Reviews for the Results

When we sent the first lot of processed images to the client, his reviews were quite encouraging. He was highly satisfied with how we had followed his guidelines rigorously for every different image. The precise dimensions and size manipulations impressed him a lot. He congratulated our team for these wonderful results and their dedicated efforts. His resources found it easy to work with our final products and he commented on our quick TAT as well. He has been outsourcing image editing services since then and has also recommended our outsourcing solutions to others.

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