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E-Commerce Image Editing and Background Removal Services for Client’s Fashion Items

Client Profile

We were presented with a new photo editing task by a client from the UK. Our client runs a fashion line for women and manages an online e-Commerce store of that. She wanted us to edit her images of clothes, shoes, purses, accessories, etc., and convert them to web-friendly format. She wanted to outsource this work as her own resources were busy handling vital business operations. Image clipping path services can become costly if performed in-house due to the required tools and skilled editors for the same.

Project Summary

The aim of the project was to clip out the main image of the clothes or shoes and fix it on a plain white background. The white background was used to enhance the original picture and highlight its features. Also, unwanted stickers, logos, blemishes, wrinkles from the dress, etc., was to be removed to make it flawless and ready to go live on the web store. The client sent us images in Adobe Photoshop format. Using the same software we edited the images and replaced necessary objects. We used the clipping path tool for clear shaping of the main design. Once the images were sufficiently edited, they were converted to the web-friendly formats using advanced image converters. These products, after being verified by the quality check team, were sent to the client through their requested medium.

Procedure for the Project

The following process was followed by our image editors for this particular image clipping path service:

Step 1 -

After the successful results of the Free Trial Run, our client sent us unprocessed images and specified the details she wanted in her pictures.

Step 2 -

Then our experts analyzed the images, understood the requirements of editing and prepared the necessary editing tools and applications for this task.

Step 3 -

After that, when the auction started our expert performed data collection with high precision and speed to not miss out any item or its details. Screen-shots of each item sold were also taken immediately following the sale.

Step 4 -

Our quality Check team then verifies the recorded data and rectifies errors if any. They also make sure the formatting and presentation matches the client’s expectations.

Step 5 -

Once the final products were verified by the quality check team and the project manager, he sent the files to the client through secured FTP servers.

Issues and Their Solutions

The process being quite simple for our experts did not create many problems. However, for some white colored designs of clothes, shoes, caps, etc., we needed to ask the client about the original shape and structure of them. In some images, the shadows seemed a part of the original design and that created confusion as well. Some images were hard to convert into other formats as the resolution changes with different formats. But these shortcomings were easily tackled by our experts using their years of experience with such image editing assignments. We even offered her personalized solutions for her e-commerce product images that suited up to her business model.

Quick Actions

  • State of the art technology to create flawless results
  • Dual monitor systems for higher precision
  • Proficient use of clipping path tool for concise results
  • Pocket-friendly rates of first class services that save your outsourcing budget
  • Experienced personnel knowing the inside out of image editing

Benefits from the Project

The client wanted to edit her fashion products so that they could directly be uploaded to her online shopping portal. Such editing work requires skilled hands to achieve satisfactory results in short time. She saved her valuable resources by outsourcing to Om Data Entry India’s high-class services. Our value added services helped her to reach up to the expected progress. She saved both time and money, while keeping her core business workflow intact. Her resources were also able to work proficiently using our processed images.

Client’s Review

The client reviewed positively to our timely delivered outcomes. Our edited images reached up to all her expectations. She was highlycontent with the accuracy of our results. She encouraged our image editing team for their dedicated efforts in fulfilling all her clipping path requirements. Our data security and confidentiality that protected all their business data also impressed her. She has been outsourcing more of her image editing services to us and also has recommended our work to others.

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