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Color Correction Services for The Handbags’ and Purses’ Images of The Client’s Online Store

Client Profile

Our photo editing team catered our client’s color correction outsourcing needs with their excellent image handling skills. We were approached by an online store manager from USA, selling bags and purses of all brands and types on his e-Commerce site. He wanted to edit his product images before uploading them online for his catalogue. His main purpose was to get a professional image editing team that can effectively handle his photos and get them ready to go online. He outsourced the project to Om Data Entry India to avail the benefits of our reliable color correction services.

Project Summary

The client wanted us to perform color correction on his e-commerce images of handbags and purses. For this, he first sent us the images in Adobe Photoshop readable format. Our team had to clear the background for some of the images to make them easy to access. Then, the focused product parts were clipped out using the best software tools. The client had provided us with a color palette for each product and according to that palette; our experts changed the colors of the purses and bags. The product design was to be kept original and shaded during the color correction. These edited images were also to be converted into the web-friendly image format for direct website uploading. Some complex product designs were discussed with the client during the project for guidelines so that complete client satisfaction could be achieved. Finally the finished products were submitted to him via secured FTP servers.

Procedure for the Project

We employ a competent team of image enhancers with years of knowledge and experience. They have crafted out a perfect procedure for such projects to reach for the expected goals quickly and accurately:

Step 1 -

Initially, our client sent us his product images, the selected color schemes and other such details he wanted in his color correction services.

Step 2 -

Then, our team analyzed the provided images and prepared them for color correction by editing, background clearing, format conversion, etc.

Step 3 -

The color correction starts and the products are enhanced by applying various combinations from the color palette. HDR and color exposure techniques are used to improve the image quality as well.

Step 4 -

The complex product images are kept aside for the client to discuss about their editing requirements and the other images are sent to the QC team for quality assessment rounds.

Step 5 -

All the completed and approved final images make their way to the client through secured data transfer networks, requested formats and mediums.

Problems and Their Solutions

Photo editing services generally have the basic issues regarding the image formats and size adaptability. Our image editing team is well-understood with such issues and can solve them quickly with the help of proper tools and equipments. In color correction services, problems such as complex product designs which make it difficult to clip out the coloring part and varied color combinations hamper our project flow. To overcome this, constant contact with the client is maintained and color experts are consulted to keep up with the color schemes. The final files need to be converted into the web-friendly formats before submitting, but this can also be easily achieved with the correct tools.

Quick Actions

  • Advanced software and technologies for best in class photo editing results
  • Mixture of conventional and modern methodologies help in getting high-end quality
  • Flexible staffing systems keep up the project flow for bulk volume projects
  • Pocket friendly rates for color correction services with quick TAT
  • Secured FTP servers maintain the safety and confidentiality of all your business data

Client’s Benefits

Our color correction services helped our client in creating a flawless catalogue for his online store. He didn’t have to disrupt his own business routine for this image editing work and also his employees could continue with their own work. He saved his time, space and money with our client satisfying results that might have been used if he hired professionals in-house for the same task. Our mid-project communications kept him updated on his project progress and also his ideas about the images were shared with our team. Our tailored outsourcing solutions helped him in handling the images resourcefully for his web portal.

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Project Feedback

Once we submitted the edited images to the client, he returned positive reviews for them. He was quite encouraging about our efforts for the project and also thanked our expert team for their hard work. He appreciated the fast delivery of results and also the project guidelines we shared with him time and again. Our personalized outsourcing solutions also received satisfying feedback from our client. He has promised to outsource other such projects with us soon and will also recommend us to others.

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