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Background Removal Services for A Footwear Catalogue on The Client’s Online Store

Client Profile

A client from UK approached us with his image background editing service requirements. He owns a footwear fashion line and manages an online store of the same products. He wanted to ensure that his product images were properly edited to be displayed in his catalogue. His footwear designs vary greatly each very beautifully made with perfection and we were asked to enhance these exquisite designs gracefully. His requirement was to edit the background into a plain white setting that will highlight the main image of his product only. He outsourced this project to us in order to maintain his own business workflowintact.

Project Details

The images of the footwear were sent by the client in the Camera Raw file format. To work with them, we had to open them in Adobe Light Roomsoftware. From this our expert photo editors worked their way through to examine the image background and the tools to edit it out. Using special software technology, like the brush tool and the pen tool, the main image was cut out and placed on a white background. In some images the original background was colored and other unnecessary blemishes and shadows were removed. After getting complete white setting, some shadows and shades were added around the footwear product to make it realistic givingit 3Dlooks. These edited photos were changed into 3000*3000 pixels to create uniformity among them. All these final processed images after being verified from the quality check sessions were sent back to the client. The final images were also converted to the JPG format for the client to directly upload them online.

Process for the Project

The process for this project was so designed that bulk amount of images could be processed within a short period with perfect details:

Step 1 -

After commencing the project, the client sent us his original images in Camera Raw format along with the details of how he wanted to edit his images.

Step 2 -

Then our experts analyzed the project and crafted out a precise workflow to manage the tools, techniques and image background editing task.

Step 3 -

We assigned this work to our competent photo editors who worked dedicatedly on the footwear images and enhanced the background settings as desired.

Step 4 -

These edited pictures were sent to the quality check team who verified the changes with the requirements specified by the client and sent it to the project manager.

Step 5 -

When the project manager approved the final files, they were submitted to the client soon before the stipulated time frames.

Problems and Their Solutions

The image background editing services mainly focus around the structure of the main product to bring it out. For this the size and shape of the product must be well defined and clearly visible to the tools of the editing software. In some of the client’s images, our editors faced the issue of ambiguous product outlines due to which it was hard to judge from where the background needs to be removed. Also, some products were white in color themselves. So, white product on white background was a challenging editing task. But Om Data Entry India is home to talented photo editors who know exactly how to tackle such situations. Some editing queries were left for the client to solve as well to achieve the desired results. Image formats become the cause of delaying time schedule in such projects; however, our flexible staffing team was able to overcome this issue by using multiple systems for the same project and reducing the extra time for file format conversions.

Quick Actions

  • Dual monitor systems for quicker access to multiple windows.
  • Expert image editing personnel using their highest potential to achieve quality results.
  • Cost effective prices that save you a lot on your outsourcing budget.
  • Fully secured workplace for the safety and confidentiality of your business data.
  • Flexible staffing methods that divide the workload equally among the team.
  • Tailored solutions on the go creatively prepared to suit your business model.

Client’s Benefits

The client wanted his footwear images to be enhanced to go on his website. Outsourcing to us helped him to stay focused on his business while his non-core work was being completed by experts. He didn’t want to exhaust his precious resources for this image background removal work, and he also understood the complexity of this task. Our services saved him time, money and space all the while working for his website’s catalogue. Hiring a professional in-house would have cost more than outsourcing apart from disturbing his work place environment and extra equipments. Outsourcing gave our client access to all these without actually owning anything.

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Project Feedback

The client received our first photo editing results before the decided deadline and was happy to see the quality and precision we presented. He was very much satisfied with the final results that our project manager had verified after several QC rounds. The innovative outsourcing solutions offered impressed him and he used them in his web catalogue. Our data security and client confidentialityguarantee were also up to the expected mark for the client. His resources found it easy to work with our provided results as they were handy and ready to use. He has outsourced more such photo editing services to our team and also recommended our services to others.

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