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Updating Online Watch Catalogue by Uploading New Models with Necessary Details and Images

Client Profile

Our client is an online watch selling web portal manager from United States, where watches of various brands are displayed for sale. He has to maintain the online catalogue for his website and regularly update the latest watches on the web store. He wanted an expert team to upload the watches’ details on the website with a proper description and images. This required eminent skills and knowledge of the image editing and product handling, which we were pleased to offer to our clients.

Project Summary

The main purpose of this project was to update the online watch catalogue on the web store. We were provided specific reference numbers of watches or the brand names of required watches to be uploaded. Then our experts search for this specific watch model and upload them with all their details on the web-page. The images of watches were also uploaded with proper background and resolution. These watch details were then also sent to the client for status record.

Process Followed For the Project

This project seemed a lot complex and so, our competent team decided a suitable work-flow procedure to follow for minimum errors and quality driven results:

Step 1 -

The client gave us the watch model IDs and brand names which he wanted to upload on the website. Also, he explained what description and image quality he required for different watches.

Step 2 -

Our team then gathered the necessary information of these items in its specified format and edited the images from Photoshop to achieve required results.

Step 3 -

We then start uploading the watches on the client’s site through their given login by adding all the specific details like case size, movement, automation, case and bracelet material, water resistance, fastening method, image, etc.

Step 4 -

The uploaded products are cross-verified then to rectify any errors in details and units which may have left out while uploading.

Step 5 -

Daily report is updated every dayfor the record and sent to the client as work status whenever needed.

Problems and Their Solutions

While uploading photos, our team faced various problems regarding the description of watches. Different companies provide limited information which is not possible to upload for all the models. To solve this, our experts had to search for the same product on other sources and then fill up the same information in appropriate sections. Also, some models have multicolored designs, making it difficult to select a definite color. Such problems are also solved by the presence of mind of our professional product uploading team.

Quick Actions

  • Dual monitor system is used for quicker input of watch details.
  • Latest version of photo editing software to get the desired results for images.
  • Experienced team of professionals for product uploading projects.
  • Cost effective rates of high-end quality services offered within the delivery time.
  • Mid-project client communications for better results.

Client’s Benefits

The client outsourced this project to lessen his work load of handling product upload operations. This work requires a lot of concentration as each product has its ownfeatureswhich need to be added properly. With our low cost services, the client has benefited from this backhand work. Our quick TAT has helped the client to make any changes he required before final uploading. He was able to use his resources for other important functions without worrying about the online web store. Outsourcing saved him time and money both while offering best in class results.

Feedback for the Results

After checking the online uploaded items, the client was very satisfied with our efforts. He was impressed to see how we had researched about the various models in different sources and gathered the correct information before uploading. Also, the quality of watches’ images was exactly the standard he wanted. He was very much contented with our work and has outsourced such projects to us since then. We too have offered the same quality of results each time.

  • Best Quality
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