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Invoice Processing Project Involving Credit Claims Handling and Database Management

Client Profile

The client is operating a successful pharmaceutical company having a huge chain of various famous medicinal suppliers all over the UK. We were approached by him in order to outsource a data processing service regarding handling the ample volume of invoice inputs he receives on a daily basis. He has to deal with numerous billing accounts every day and was unable to engage his dedicated resources for this processing work. Our high-end precision of work made him give us a chance to help him in maintaining his everyday record of invoices.

Project Summary

Our team was mainly asked to assess all the invoices the client sends and create a proper database containing the necessary information. We appointed a full-time dedicated data processor for this work, who had both expertise and experience of invoice handling. The work involved collecting data like invoice date, supplier details, credit and debit values. Along with this, there were also some credit claims for wrong entries in few invoices. These credit claims need to be entered in a separate claim sheet with all the necessary details. These database sheets are directly linked with the client’s system on One Drive, so the work is saved simultaneously on both sides. This way the client was able to check on the progress of the project as well.

Procedure for High-Quality Results

The well-shaped procedure for this project made it easier for us to complete it with highest accuracy and quality possible:

Step 1 -

Firstly, we collected the project details and other important data required to start the data processing work. The client explained what exactly he was expecting from the results.

Step 2 -

Then, our expert team analyzed the projectparticulars to design the workflow for this project. Then we assigned this project to a dedicated data processor as per the project package.

Step 3 -

The data processing specialist then starts the invoice processing and enters the respective data in excel sheets. The credit claim sheets are also processed in the same manner.

Step 4 -

The recorded sheets are then passed through quality checks for elimination of minor errors if any. The client is also constantly updated and queries are solved mid-project for best results.

Step 5 -

The final files are directly updated in the client’s system so that he can ask for instant changes in the files if something else is required to be added or edited.

Problems and Their Solutions

This project involves billings of various medical suppliers and complex details of such sales and purchases. Thus, this has no place for mistake in data processing. Corrections in work files werethe tricky part in this work, as the credit claims were full of elaborateinformation. Queries regarding this and other specifications were solved by the client during briefing. In some credit claims, the information was not complete or the final sum was not matching for which we had to check the discount details. Also in some invoices the details were not specified about the claims which caused issues while processing. Such predicaments were also eliminated by the quick presence of mind and knowledge of our experts.

Quick Actions

  • Dual monitor systems for easy access and understanding.
  • High tech networking systems to build secured data connections across nations.
  • Latest updated Adobe software for invoice PDF handling.
  • Dedicated resources working full time on a single project and get focused results.
  • Cost effective rates of all types of data processing services.
  • Tailored solutions by professionals regarding data processing and handling.

Client’s Benefits

The client’s main purpose of outsourcing invoice data processing services was to achieve preeminent results without actually focusing on back hand operations. Our quick delivery of first-rated outcomes helped him to further ease the business proceedings and making full use of his resources’ potentials. Also, he was able to make customizable changes within the project as per the changes in market and supplier deals. The mid project communications helped the client to understand the workflow and allowed us to adapt to their working procedures. Our economical service prices saved a lot on his outsourcing budget as well.

Feedback for the Services

Once the first data processing results reached our client, he was highly satisfied with the quality of work we delivered. He was also impressed by the quick turnaround time offered along with 99.9% précised results. Our dedicated data processor was working to match their time zone difference, which helped them a lot to interact easily. With the increase in complexity of the project, we delivered higher levels of creative and quality-driven results consistently. Our client was content enough to recommend our services to others and has been outsourcing such projects to us since.

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