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Uploading Edited Images on Client’s Website by Collection of Image from Various Sources

Client Profile

Our client is a dealer of automobile industry, having a wide range of automobile product accessories and parts to be sold across countries through eCommerce platform. He serves the automobile industry for a long time and he is situated in Nevada, USA. Our client is dealing with various manufacturers and vendors to sell their products through own developed user friendly eCommerce website. Our client has experience in various domains of the automobile industry as well as commercial usage of those products.

Project Summary

The project aim was to collect image files as per client’s requirements from a given specific manufacturer’s website or with general web research. Then it was required to edit the image with necessary details to be added to it by clients end. The edited images are to be uploaded on the website operated by our client and to see that it should be user friendly with all the information visible.

Client Requirements

The client’s requirement was to collect the most relevant images of the car accessories and body parts in order to make the website more users friendly and visually attractive. The images should only be taken from a given specific manufacturer’s website or with web research from a given options. Our team was asked to maintain the file format as JPG or PNG or JPEG for sure. The collected image was required editing with necessary details to be added. The edited images were asked to be uploaded on client’s website with high precision and zero mistakes.

Process for Image Editing and Image Uploading Work

Step 1 -

Our team receives the list of links or URL’s from where the product image needs to be collected as per client requirements.

Step 2 -

The specialists are ready to collect the images in the required file formats as JPG, PNG, JPEG or TIFF and enter the product images collected into a file for records.

Step 3 -

Our team performs image editing work with various photo editing software in order to get final product image according to client expectations.

Step 4 -

The product images are well managed and added precisely on a live website. We perform quality check round to ensure error free product image uploading work.

Step 5 -

The images of products are sent to client for inspection and to complete the tasks within the stipulated time frames.

Challenges Faced

  • There were problems faced when the image files were not supported by the live website.
  • The inventories were difficult to manage in case of technical queries.
  • The entire image editing work should be uniform and was difficult to manage effectively.
  • It is difficult to find the exact product image on the manufacturer’s website and has to go for other resources to find the image.

Solutions by Om Data Entry India Team

The team at Om Data Entry India is well trained to manage web research work for every type of work and was able to find the images as per client’s requirement using smart filters and smart key words to search the products. Our team is very skilled and trained to perform the task of image collection and image editing and used other tools such as photo editing software and file conversion software to perform easy and smooth operations. To check for the perfections, we use the same process and QC the image files for avoiding repeated entries and to validate images.

Quick Actions

  • Keeping records image files to avoid duplication.
  • Use of tools for smart and quick photo editing work.
  • File conversion software to upload files in the desired format.
  • Maintaining image entries to avoid duplication.
  • Quick methods for image editing and uploading work.


The client was very happy with the top class quality results of image uploading and image editing work performed by our team. The work was delivered within the given time frames along with high accuracy results. There were zero mistakes in image editing and unloading procedure that made our client extremely happy and satisfied. The cost savings and resource saving was very optimum for client and he was able to compare the rates easily. He promised to have future relations and to keep outsourcing their non-core work to our team.

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