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Our Team Executed House Marking Project to Enter Data of Measurements for Optimizing Town Planning in Vienna Austria

Meet Our Client

Our client is based in Vienna, Austria and his profession is a consultant for buildings and he belongs to construction industry. They are looking for the data about the old buildings from the Vienna city area for checking the possibilities of redevelopment of the top floors for extra living space. The aim of this project was to collect all the necessary details that will help in the re-development of the Vienna city of Austria. The task was so time consuming and critical that the client decided to outsource the same to experts at Om Data Entry India and save on operational budget of their business.

Client Requirements and Specifications

An important aspect of the client requirement was to collect accurate measurements with precise marking areas. The project was based on real estate constructions and should be in reference to their local terms and conditions as well as laws and regulations. The data collected from specific software were required to validate and verify by the expert team at Om Data Entry India. We were asked to upload and update data into the client’s database and online software for their future operations. Some of the terms required for the project were given as:

Challenges Faced

  • Area or free space
  • Length of the free space
  • Length of road
  • Parking area in length
  • Old construction details
  • Possible construction
  • Facilities available nearby
  • Parking space available nearby, etc.

Process for Data Validation and Verification Work

Step 1 -

Our team collected a specific list of areas to be verified and validated on the client software with login details to the system.

Step 2 -

Experts performed the task of data collection from software and uploaded the details to the database provided by client for easy operations.

Step 3 -

We have a professional team of data entry operators with expertise to deliver results quickly and accurately available at affordable prices.

Step 4 -

The process of quality check starts once the data collection work is accomplished and we correct errors if present in the database.

Step 5 -

The data stored in the client’s database were verified by the client and accordingly changes were made as and when needed formats.

Challenges and Solutions

During the project, there was need to make the judgments about the measurements and that was little difficult. We need to mark the area using the tool within the client software and it should be accurate enough for getting the exact measurements. Major challenge was also to give consistent and quick results without compromising on the quality of work. The purpose of the project was to collect complete measurements of land spaces and constructions that required technical knowledge too.

Om Data Entry India team completed the task with all kinds of challenges accomplished and also strived to meet the client’s deadlines. We were able to solve all the queries and collected data with high precision data collection work. Smart methods and flexible shift timing helped our client to meet the target deadlines. He was able to get all the required data for planning out better space optimizations in the city of Vienna, Austria.

Outsourcing Features We Offer for Such project

  • Get access to our dual monitor systems for accurate data collection work.
  • We possess experienced staff with expertise in performing data verification.
  • Our team always uses smart data entry techniques for faster & efficient results.
  • High security systems are implemented for data confidentiality through secure logins.
  • Minute details were covered by our Om Data Entry India team for satisfied results.
  • Cost effective prices offered for the project saved time and money of our client’s.

Client Reviews and Comments

We got really good compliments and reviews from clients for the house marking project. They were very happy to see the dedication and skills of our team. Our client appreciated the completion of work on time frames and with minimum error and changes required in the results. We gave him all the necessary details required to execute their redevelopment work operations. The profit was clearly seen by the client as he saved on various investments through offshore outsourcing services offered by Om Data Entry India at affordable prices. They are continuing to work with us for their non-core projects.

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