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Collecting Product Details From Manufacturer’s Websites & Upload to Client’s eCommerce Portal

Client Profile

Our client is a dealer of automobile having a wide range of automobile product accessories and parts to be sold across countries through eCommerce platform. The industry he serves is automobile industry and is situated mainly in Nevada, USA. He is dealing with various manufacturers and vendors to sell their products through own developed user friendly eCommerce platform. Our clients have experience in various domains of the automobile industry as well as commercial usage of those products.

Project Summary

The project is all about product data collection work as per the client’s requirements and instructions on the basis of some specific parameters such as car ID, model number, manufacturer, prices, etc. It also include collecting data of such automobile parts and accessories in order to create a flexible and customer oriented web portal such as eBay for selling all kinds of products on the same platform.

Client Requirements

The client requirement was a collection of all the details of a specific brand or manufacturers’ automobile accessories and other parts. Also, he wanted us to upload the same data on their website as well on eBay with high precision and efficiency in order to create a common platform for all kinds of car parts and accessories for the customers found at one place.

He requested to collect all the possible details found on the manufacturer’s website and also to further search on other web portals. The aim was to collect product details on basis of car ID, model number, brand name, making year, type and price of product and update it on the client’s website. Also he requested to add some products on eBay platform.

Process for Product Uploading and Listing Work on eBay

Step 1 -

Our team receives the list of manufacturer’s and companies from where the product data needs to be collected with all specifications and requirements.

Step 2 -

The expert operators enter product data collected into excel sheets for creating a database that will help in future procedures and maintaining product inventories.

Step 3 -

Our data entry team performs eBay product uploading and eBay product listing services with high accuracy and gives the best quality results as per the client expectations.

Step 4 -

The products are well managed and added precisely as it updates on live website and thus we perform quality check round to ensure error free product uploading work.

Step 5 -

The product list uploaded is then sent to the client for supervision and if they require any changes, the task is performed within time limits.

Challenges Faced

  • Due to the live website, product uploading and listing work, the inventories were difficult to manage in case of technical queries on eBay.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to find all the details of product on the manufacturer’s website and has to go for other resources to find the details.

Solutions by Om Data Entry India Team

Our team solved all the technical and non-technical queries by mutual team work and was able to perform the tasks given to them successfully. Our team collected all the possible information for the required products. The web developer team of our company was able to resolve all the technical issues and gave strong back hand support for product uploading work.

Quick Actions

  • Categories products for smooth operations.
  • Quick checks for uploaded products from the front end.
  • Maintaining entries in excel for managing inventories.


Our team made the client extremely happy as he was able to focus on other core business activities and we were handling the entire eCommerce platform with high efficiency. He also gave us another website work too by seeing the excellent quality results of our product upload and product listing services performed within the given time frames and with high accuracy delivered. There were no mistakes and very few queries found during the whole process that made client satisfied and offered extra as appreciation.

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