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Solar Panel Analyzing Project about Survey of Solar Panels in America

Client Profile

This client is a solar panel supplying and solar plant installing service provider. He runs a successful company in America, providing efficient solar services. He wished to conduct a survey about the existing usage and requirement of solar panels in residential areas. This is a vital task for his company as it will give them an estimate of what demands or services they may get to receive in the near future. Thus the project required utmost precision in results for our client.

Project Summary

The project was carried out in an online database web portal. The website had an inbuilt record sheet provided by the client himself. The records included satellite images of residential homes, of different town all over the globe. Our experts were asked to report whether or not the rooftops had solar panels installed. Once the records were completed and verified on the website, the same records were to be updated in an excel sheet. The records would then be used by the client as per their company’s analytics.

Process for the Project

Step 1 -

The client provided us with the necessary logins, website details and other credential information about the site on which our team was going to work.

Step 2 -

Our team started their research work, analyzing the images and checking for the presence of solar panels and recording the appropriate result in the given website.

Step 3 -

Mid-project communications with the client to solve queries regarding the solar panel appearance and position, eased the process for both sides.

Step 4 -

After the verification of all the records, they are added to excel record sheet and verified again by our QC team.

Step 5 -

Once the project manager approve the final results, they are sent to the client. This project being bulk volume, daily updates are sent to the client.

Challenges Faced

The client’s instructions were clear, though there were some complications regarding the appearance of some solar panels due to their color and shadows. Navigation through the website sometimes created errors in the listing of records. Some issues were also faced due to the network connectivity of the website. These challenges were overcome by proper technical solutions offered by our competent research team. Records with complicated results were verified twice by our QC team and only the precise results made it to the client’s database.

Quick Actions

  • High resolution monitors are used for ease in identifying images.
  • Dedicated resources to complete projects with urgent deadlines to meet.
  • Regular updates on work status file to maintain a record of daily work done.

Benefits for Client

The client’s main purpose was to get a team of experts at low cost who can efficiently conduct the survey of requirements of solar panels. This work required accurate results, as the outcome was to decide the next marketing strategies for the company. Om Data Entry India was able to fulfill all these necessities and that too with the least turnaround time. This helped the client to handle his resources proficiently with our provided web research results.

Client’s Feedback

We received very satisfactory response to our first delivery of results. The client was happy with our quality driven services and the fast TAT. The records were very accurate and the project was performed only with a few queries. The client-communication during projects also helped him to keep an eye on the progress of work at every step.

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