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Data Collection from Online Auction Sites and Entering in Client’s Database Before Auction

Client Profile

Our client was looking for a reliable outsourcing partner for his auction web portal data management service. This back office work was creating a lot of burden for him to handle while performing his core business operations at the same time. His auction site sells various items from users across America and he needed to maintain his database for proper functioning during the auctions. His main aim was to reduce the pressure on his resources for his tedious and non-core task. The client was impressed by the satisfactory results of our Free Trial Run and the affordable prices of all data collection services and so, outsourced this project to us.

Project Outlines

The data on the auction site was to be collected and entered appropriately in its position in the provided excel records. The auctions were conducted every week and the details of items sold were no longer available on the website after that. So, our main task was to collect all the data possible before the auction started. Information like product’s description, serial number, sale date, manufacturing details, location, auction’s meter reading, the URL of the item’s page, etc., was to be collected before the auction started. All these details were collected up to a week before the start of that specific auction. Once the auction ended, the final selling price and status of all the items included was to be noted in the same records as well. These final records, after accurate QC rounds, were sent to the client every week.

Process by Our Experts

This project contained both online and offline work from the same website and for this our expert followed a simple procedure to ease the workflow:

Step 1 -

Initially, our client sent us all the necessary web site details, login IDs and excel formats for the data collection work. He then explained to us scrupulously about the project requirements.

Step 2 -

Our experts carefully figured out the best tools and methodologies for this task, and set our professional data collectors on the work to achieve faster TAT.

Step 3 -

The first part of the project was offline and was completed carefully with minimum errors possible. The next one being online during the auction process required speed with accuracy.

Step 4 -

We finally performed quality check rounds to ensure the authenticity of all records using the item’s URL and the validity of other details as well.

Step 5 -

Then the final files were sent to the client through secured FTP servers and with 99.9% precise records.

Problems Faced and Their Solutions

The project involved working online and so the problems faced were minor and could be easily handled by our competent team. Some of the complex issues were missing information on the portal from the sellers and other bidders. These fields were then filled by our experts from web research and getting data from other such web sites. Also, after the auction no details are available except the sale price and status of the item, so verification after the sale was not possible. This data was also removed from the site after some time, so the data was to be collected within that short time period. But with a skilled team like ours, these problems were very trivial to deal with.

Quick Actions

  • Use of dual monitor system for quicker access.
  • State of the art technology to produce seamless results.
  • Blended of use of conventional and improvised methods to tackle new problems.
  • Personalized solutions based upon your business model.
  • Flexible staffing methods to complete the projects before the deadlines.
  • Pocket-friendly rates of various services with high-end quality of outcomes.

Client’s Benefits

With our first rated results, the client’s main purpose was fulfilled to have an enriched database with only the correct information in its proper format. His employees were also pleased to work with such easy to access data, being able to perform with their complete potential and dedication. It became easy for him now to manage the duplicate or false entries on his website and also how well was the auction portal working. Such database is every business’s key to prepare the future strategies. Our data collection services helped our client in this way as well.

Project Review

The client was very satisfied with our progress of data collection work. He honestly reviewed our work and gave us detailed feedback on the different aspects of the task. He emphasized the accuracy of final files. He also was happy to receive quality results with quick TAT and highly secured data transfer servers. He congratulated our experts’ team for working soremarkably with this opportunity to improve their skills. He was glad to work with us and has promised to outsource other such project to our persistent services.

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