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Om Data Entry India is privately owned offshore data entry outsourcing company based in India. We have 5+ years of experience in the data entry services. Om Data Entry India is devoted to provide all types of cost effective data entry and BPO services to our clients located at United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and across the globe. During these 5+ years in data entry industry, we have built and maintain a highly skilled, experienced and dedicated team of data entry specialists. We are trustworthy and committed data entry company, providing quick, easy and affordable data entry services to our customers around the world. Our business relationship with the customers is based on trust, honesty and commitment. Our main motto is customer satisfaction and providing quick, easy, and affordable services at the best price. We are fast growing data entry outsourcing company in India and our data entry specialists provide best quality data entry services at the lowest price in the market.

Dedicated team at Om Data Entry India has deep knowledge and expertise that has built long-term business relationship and trust with many clients. We can streamline your data entry or data processing requirements and save you money so that you will have more time to focus and grow your primary business. Our expertise in data entry services allows us the flexibility and resources to handle any project. Put your data entry projects into the correct hands, partner with us and be rest assured about the accuracy, quality and pricing. At Om Data Entry India, we provide comprehensive range of high quality data entry outsourcing solutions across the world to each and every business segment that need manual data entry. We have executed many data entry services projects for our clients from various industries and verticals around the globe.

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This project involved collecting the details about the 3M data from the given websites and entering into excel file.

In this project, we collected the data about the dollars and year of publishing.

This project involved collection of data from two separate excel files and entering it into one excel file.

In this project, Client sent us the barcodes in PDF and we typed those barcodes into the excel file. If we type correct, results will show OK and if not then ERROR.

In this project, we were collecting the data about the restaurant menu and were entering into the client's online restaurant website.

This project involved collecting details about the currency notes from PDF format and entering into excel file.

This project involved collecting data from books to MS excel.

This project involved checking google maps and marking the houses where development of top floors was possible.

This project involved deep web research in searching businesses from the given street addresses.

This project involved receiving loan application documents in the form of PDF & JPEG as input files and we entered the data of loan applicant into web based software known as http://symmetrycrm.com.au. We worked for 2 years on this project.

This project involved deep web research in searching the email addresses of person working in a particular company.

This project involved writing description about Jewelry mark and save those images in bit map format.

This project involved web research in searching and data collection of law firms.

This was a very good project where we received the daily advertisements about grocery stores in PDF format and we entered the product details into the client's website.

In this project, we verified the person’s name, designation and the company name from LinkedIn.

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