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Real Estate Transcription Project from Audio Recordings of Narrator Describing Amenities of The Property

Client Profile

Our client is a real estate agent from America working successfully in his field. He approached our transcription team for his real estate video transcription work that he wished to outsource to us. Transcription work requires skill and expertise to achieve excellence. He knew that hiring professionals in-house would not get him his expected results and so he turned towards outsourcing services to the reliable transcription outcomes of Om Data Entry India. Our cost effective rates and promising quality results made him try our Free Trial Run and our experts’ approving work gained us this project.

Project Details

The client wanted us to transcribe his real estate videos to insert subtitles into them as well as to keep a record of the amenities of his properties. For this, he sent us High Definition video recordings of all his real estate properties with a narrator describing the details explicitly. We first had to change the video format according to our software accessibility and enhance the audio-video quality. Our transcribers had to listen to these videos and write down the narration in an MS Word file. For subtitles, transcription was to be done for each scene in the video. Then, our QC team verified the completed transcription files and rectified any minor grammatical or typological errors. The cleansed files were then submitted to the client in the required format.

Project Procedure

For transcription project, our competent team works hard to make the procedure as simple as possible to get perfect results:

Step 1 -

First of all, our client sent us the video recordings of his properties along with the necessary information about the properties and the narrator.

Step 2 -

Then, our experts worked on the videos to easily transcribe them by improving the sound and visual quality and changing the speed and volume controls.

Step 3 -

Our transcribers started the transcription of these files and created an error-free MS Word file of the same with all the proper punctuations and grammar.

Step 4 -

These files were passed through several Quality Check rounds and minor flaws were removed to achieve 99.9% accuracy.

Step 5 -

Finally, our project leader approved the final files and submitted them to our client through secured FTP servers before the deadlines.

Challenges Faced

Such simple projects do not cause many problems to face and make it easy for us to reach to our desired results easily. However, the main issue while transcribing any audio or video is the speech of the speaker. The accent and background noises in the audio do not clarify the original words of the video. For this, our experts had to tamper with the audio quality and reduce the external sounds carefully. Also in real estate transcription, the narration involves technical and mechanical term which we have to look up for correct spellings. But, all these shortcomings have been tackled resourcefully by our professional transcribers to cater you with only the best results.

Quick Actions

  • Latest headphones and upgraded sound input software systems are used for flawless transcription
  • State of the art technological aids with easy access and adaptability
  • Flexible staffing methods to complete bulk volume projects
  • 3 layered quality check processes for rigorous outcomes

Client Benefits

Our client wanted to add subtitle files to his videos in order to make them more understandable for non-English speakers as well. Also by transcribing the videos he could keep a record of what facilities his properties generally accommodate and what is trending in the market. For this, transcription services suited him better to save time and money with high-end results on hand. Our experts’ tailored solutions were also a part of the outsourcing service which helped him to get a better outcome from our results. Our secured FTP servers reduced his data loss threats and confidentiality problems. Our quick TAT allowed his resources to perform efficiently with the provided transcribes and ask for any changes if required.

Feedback to the Project

With the delivery of our first lot of transcription, we were encouragingly reviewed by our client. He was satisfied with our first rated transcription services. Our excellent precision, faster delivery, secured data network, personalized outsourcing solutions; high-tech audio-video handling systems, etc., were the reasons of his positive feedback. He thanked our team for their efforts and keen observational skills that created impeccable transcriptions. He also promised to outsource his next projects with us soon and would recommend our work to others as well.

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