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Real Estate Image Enhancement Services Requiring Balance Saturation, Adding and Eliminating Elements and Much More

Client Profile

Our client is the manager of a real estate company in US. He deals with the new property sales and promotes latest residential schemes through his website. He approached us in search of a reliable real estate photo editing services to enhance his images for his website. He had clicked the images from a professional camera, but the results were not quite perfect and so he took the help of outsourcing services. This way his resources were not disturbed and he could continue his business proceedings while his images were edited.

Project Summary

The main aim for this real estate image editing task was to enhance the given images of luxurious properties to make them visually appealing. For this, our expert editors had to balance the saturation of various parts in the same image. Missing elements like fire in the fireplace, the true color of the sky and visible parts of the camera or photographer, etc. were to be retouched with the help of advanced photo editing applications. The sky outside windows was enhanced to appear clearer; reflections on glass surfaces were retouched to remove the unwanted blemishes. Color cast on the walls and floor was also edited out and pure shades were matched to give the room a real look. Several images with HDR resolutions were merged into one having proper exposure. The images were also tilted according to the gridlines to get proper horizontal and vertical shift. The final images gave the rooms a suitable enhanced look with equal proportions of reality and correction.

Procedure for This Project

The experts followed a simple yet fulfilling process to get the best results out of this real estate image editing task:

Step 1

First of all, our client sent us the original images of the real estate properties he had, along with the specifications he required in the photo editing.

Step 2

Our experts then sat down to discuss the project prospects and marked out the exceptions in the images. They prepared the upgraded software for this task as well.

Step 3

Then our professional editors started working on the images as ordered and cross verified each of the changes. Exceptions were specially handled for concise results.

Step 4

The edited images were then sent to quality check and then to the project manager for his confirmation about the accuracy in editing.

Step 5

Finally, these finished images were submitted to the client through secured FTP servers before the mentioned deadlines.

Challenges Faced

The project involved so many different aspects to look into that sometimes it became difficult to incorporate all the features in one image. Light saturation and reflection management were the trickiest part. Also hiding the visible camera parts needed original background color to merge with and that took some time to achieve spot on results. Some images were having multiple resolutions and we had to merge them all to get a proper image to edit. The HD images sometimes took time to load completely and disturbed the editing system as well. But, such shortcomings were easily tackled by our skilled and experienced team of photo editors.

Quick Actions

  • Up to date technology and latest editing tools used for best results
  • Dual monitor systems to get higher accessibility of special software
  • Flexible staffing methods to complete bulk volume projects on time
  • Quality checks teams verifying each images closely to not miss out any detailing
  • Affordable rates of high-end quality of results

Client’s Benefits

The client’s main purpose was rigorously fulfilled as our processed images were up to the mark. He achieved such images without having to invest in all the equipments or hiring a professional in-house. His resources were also happy to work with our provided images, as they were in the proper file formats and also easy to access. Our team had mid-project client interaction which kept our client updated about the project’s progress and also could solve the queries in real time. Our secured and safe workplace ensured him about the security of his business data. He saved his time, money and space by outsourcing his image enhancing services to Om Data Entry India.

Feedback by the Client

Once we sent the first batch of the retouched images, we received quite satisfactory feedback. The client was happy how we included all his requirements in the images. He was also content with the tailored solutions offered by our experts. Our quick turnaround time helped the client to handle his imagesefficiently. He encouraged our editing team for their efforts and first-class results. He has outsourced such image enhancing projects to us since then and also recommends our services to others as well.

  • Best Quality
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