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We Performed High Accuracy Invoice Processing Work for Client’s Online Billing Systems

Client Profile

Our USA based client is working as a consultancy that provides invoice processing services to various health centers and vendors across cities in America. The client is having a consultancy and help medical centers and other vendors across USA to process their medical bills. They are professional team of experts with wide range of vendor’s network and provide them excellent, accurate and quick online invoice billing services.

Client Requirements

  • He wanted us to split the PDF files coming to their system from various vendors according to given specifications and parameters as vendor name, area or zone, invoice number, etc.
  • The split PDF were required to be uploaded on the client’s online software for further processing work and to convert the data into easily accessible form.
  • The invoices were then required to process and all the details were requested to be verified by cross check with invoice and details present in invoice image.
  • Our team was requested to check the details of all the invoices and process the invoice as per given instructions and requirements by vendors.
  • The optimum requirement by the client was high accuracy, quality results and faster delivery of results within the given time frames.

OCR Project Summary

Our main purpose by the invoice processing project was to accelerate the invoice processing work and perform high speed bills processing for vendors of client. The project of billing system required used of remote systems to work on the invoice processing stages and check all the parameters important for both the parties. The process of online billing and invoice processing should be made smooth and easy with the help of professional data entry operators.

Our experts required to process the invoices, check the details and correct the errors whenever required by the system to remove sitting issues. Major roles to be performed were to check: Invoice number, invoice date, receiver & sender details, line items, total, charges or taxes, vendor details, due date, package ID, etc. and to correct them for processing bills efficiently.

Process for OCR Invoice Process Work

Step 1 -

Our team receives a package of PDF file with various invoices and we have to split the invoices depending on various parameters given by our client. The split PDF are uploaded to a pre-designed system for further processing.

Step 2 -

Our OCR team use OCR technology to convert the data from paper invoices to online systems; they capture all the details from our uploaded PDF invoice images and enter into client’s system for verification.

Step 3 -

Our quality check team performs QC to ensure that no duplicate PDF is there in the system. They also verify and validate the invoice details captured and correct errors if found by them to deliver error free invoice processing files.

Step 4 -

The online data is processed to find accuracy of invoices and to validate the information present in bills such as bill number, total, line items, due date, charges or taxes, sender and receiver details, etc. for easy and smooth operations.

Step 5 -

The final processed invoices will go through the process flow successfully and reach the respective vendor or customer that require the invoice and will send the payable amount to the given client.

Step 6 -

Our team get feedback from the client for the processed invoices and also be in touch with them for reprocessing invoices having queries or issues and process them again to achieve the target of 100% customer satisfaction.

Challenges Faced During Project

  • The invoices were having lots of details to be updated into systems and were consuming more time for long line items that reduces speed.
  • Many times details were not given in the readable format and our team had to cross check many times to find the required information.
  • Our team faced various challenges with total amount due to mathematical mistakes and missing of some line items.
  • Some of the invoices were not having images but only written details were present and they were critical to process without verification.
  • The process was performed by more than one person and required same accuracy, speed as well as excellence for high quality results.
  • In some intermediate invoice process work, the method was very complicated and time consuming that was given by the client.

Solutions Given by Om Data Entry India Team

  • Our team was very skilled and well trained to perform the task of invoice processing OCR work with high efficiency.
  • We accomplished the project over all the difficulties and used own developed methods and tools for OCR project.
  • To check for the duplications, we used same process and QC of the invoice files were done for avoiding repeated entries.
  • For complex process we divided the work in portions and among team members that can perform the work accurately.

Our Quick Actions

  • 24 inch monitor screens for high accuracy and speed.
  • Advanced technology data entry systems for high efficiency.
  • Internet speed that comprehended client’s system and give work on time.
  • We keep records of invoice files to avoid duplications.
  • Database data management for future references and query solving.

Results Delivered

The client was very happy to see the excellent quality results of invoice bills processing work performed within the given time frames and with high accuracy results delivered. There were no mistakes and very few queries found during the whole process that made client satisfied and given further work of their other different processes. We are continuing with the project since long time and our client is happy with the results delivered that they try to maximize the outsourcing part to our experts at Om Data Entry India.

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