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Entering Details from PDF into Excel About Articles Provided by The Client in Different Languages

Client Profile

We were approached by a client from the United Kingdom trying to benefit himself from the outsourcing services. The client has a huge data collection of article posts of several distinct items which he regularly updates. This huge collection involves descriptions of specific topics gathered from different sources. He wanted his database to be more organized in order to easily manage whatever article he required. This task needed skilled hands as various articles were complex to understand and process. Om Data Entry India offered high quality data processing services fulfilling all requirements of our client.

Project Summary

This data processing project involved analysis of the articles provided by the client and extracting details as per requested. Each of these articles was of different domains like watches, modeling posts, magazine or newspaper articles, recent bulletin, etc., published from several sources. Data like article description, date, article source, publishing details, language, page number of the article and country were to be found out from the article and pasted into the excel sheet. The articles were of different languages and were sent to us in PDF files. The excel file sheet was provided by the client and was to be filled with appropriate formatting. These completed files were sent regularly to the client after proper quality checks.

Process for the Project

This work was performed by a procedure crafted by experts mainly to ease the workflow and minimize the probability of errors all over the file:

Step 1 -

After finalizing the outsourcing details, we received both the PDF files and the excel sheets from the client. Along with that, he explained to our project managers how he wants the data to be processed from the articles.

Step 2 -

Then, our project team analyzed the project outlines and divided the workflow in a simplerlayout. The articles were first processed to convert into recognizable text (if not), and other details like publications, author and source details were fetched clearly.

Step 3 -

The actually data processing started as our experts performed data entering into the excel files, putting suitable information under respective columns in their required formats. The formats were amended wherever necessary.

Step 4 -

Some queries and formatting related doubts were solved by the client himself during project interactions and tailored solutions were prepared for his specific needs. After the files were fully completed, several quality check rounds are carried out to rectify minute errors.

Step 5 -

The seamless results are finally sent to the client in pre-requested formats and mediums through secured FTP servers. Our quick TAT is very helpful for better after-sale services.

Problems Solved By Our Team

The project comprised of prolonged articles on several topics and languages. Sometimes, the languages were not easily detectable by the computer’s PDF file reader. This caused trouble while handling non-Latin languages. The solution to this was language convertors used with precision to fill the appropriate columns and rows. Another problem occurred when the articles were not optically recognizable by the system. Longer articles needed to be typed manually by our data processors, consuming much precious time out of the project. But all such upcoming predicaments were eliminated by the quick problem solving attitudes of our competent team.

Quick Actions

  • Flexible staffing methods for completing bulk volume projects before deadlines.
  • Dual monitor systems for easy handling of data processing tools.
  • High-tech software and infrastructure for best quality outcomes.
  • Proper workflow designs to easily detect faults at different stages.
  • Vigorous Quality Check team for the perfect scrutiny of all your files.
  • Mid project communication for the client to check out the progress of the project.

Outsourcing Benefits

Data processing services always require great attention and ample knowledge about data handling. The client’s resources might not be able to give the perfect processing results even with the best of their skills. This is where outsourcing comes to the rescue with its prominent features of offering the client what is required within the stipulated time frames. Our professional data processing team makes us proud of the results we cater to our clients with. Our client was tension free with this tedious work load off his shoulders. His resources were also able to work with their highest potential knowing they had the backhand support of the best outsourcing team.

Client’s Feedback

We sent him our first completed files of all the articles in excel and his remarks were full of satisfactory comments. Our data processing team was appreciated for their efforts in creating impeccable results within the given deadline. He was able to use this database for handing his other main business operations, which were now easier going due to outsourcing. With the success of this project, we were offered other outsourcing tasks similar to this one as well with the faith that our team will always return with better results each time.

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