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Database Creation Work for American Institutions by Performing PDF to Excel Data Entry

Client Profile

Our client is a professor of an institute based in USA. He aimed at creating a database for collages across various states of America and helping the students to find the most appropriate institute for them. They are serving students with the facilities of collage details, their fees and scholarship programmes available. He has done various university affiliations and possesses all the details of courses offered by them. So, he is making the data more accessible for students who are willing to join those institutions.

Project Summary

To figure out details in PDF about various courses offered in universities and enter the same data in excel was the aim of our project. The association our client works with was having piles of data in PDF files that was very old and needed updating with conversion of data in easily accessible format. They requested about accurate data entry of all the details of courses, scholarship programmes and seats available for the courses in the particular institution with their locations.

Project Requirements

  • Client required quick and accurate data entry of information from PDF file into excel.
  • He wanted to convert the un-editable data into easily accessible data for updating records.
  • To validate the data entered by cross verification from PDF files for high precision.
  • He required smooth data retrieval of all the course details and wanted to categorize again.
  • Formatted database as per the client requirement for quick and easy operations.

Process to Perform PDF to Excel Data Entry Work

Step 1 -

We received PDF files of courses and institutions details along with other details provided by the client as per project requirements.

Step 2 -

Our team of data entry operators performed accurate and high efficiency data entry of records from PDF file into excel within turnaround time.

Step 3 -

The professionals at Om Data Entry India perform QC task to ensure error free results and correct the minute errors if found.

Step 4 -

We also fulfilled the demand of data modification and validation to assure that we deliver high quality standards for customer satisfaction ratio.

Step 5 -

After all the process is complete, our customer support team send the final excel database to client with secure networks and get their feedback.

Challenges Faced

  • The data available was having many minute records and was very difficult to categorize.
  • Details of institutions should be recorded as per area which became a complex process.
  • There were long inventories and old formats should be added in excel as it is available.
  • Details filled up were complex and time consuming with so many images to be converted.
  • There were some files which needed to be typed and images needed to be added.
  • Quality check team was also required with so many entries to validate and verify.

Solutions Given by Team

We have strong team of data entry operators that offer high quality results and comprehensive solutions to every project at their hand. Om Data Entry India team delivered highly accurate and most efficient results for converting the PDF files of old institutional into digital data with the help of advanced tools and methods used. Our team was very skilled to perform such data entry work with the use of smart methods to meet the client’s deadlines. The project results were delivered with error free database on time.

Quick Actions

  • Dual monitors were used for quick and accurate data entry work.
  • Data entry operators performed smart data entry techniques.
  • Use of smart attributes to sort PDF data and convert into excel sheets.
  • Smart tools used of data entry systems to perform with accuracy.
  • Flexible staffing used for bulk volume operations to meet deadlines.


The client was very happy to see the results delivered within the turnaround time by our team as he was able to save on his time and money without compromising on quality of work. It became easy for the client to retrieve institutional data and update the latest information of courses offered. He was not having the headache for storing the data in PDF form for future operations. He is continuing to give us the work as he rely on our expert team of data entry operators.

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