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Uploading Aviation Related News with Proper Description and Images on The Client’s Web Portal

Client Profile

We were approached by a USA based online aviation news portal manager, searching for a professional who could upload the daily news related to aero-industry along with necessary tags and description. His news portal publishes news from various newsletters and one can find everything regarding the aviation industry at his one stop website. He wanted to know if outsourcing can make this work more efficiently and we were more than glad to show him what our outsourcing services were capable of. We appointed a dedicated resource exclusively working on this project for best results.

Project Outlines

The project was briefly about uploading daily news from different sources on the client’s webpage. We were provided with a series of links from which we could find the aviation news. Our expert had to visit these sites and gather the news headlines, description, date, category, status, etc., and then upload the same on given web portal with the help of the login ID provided by the client. Along with news, some travel informatory guide was also uploaded under suitable tags. Images for some posts were also to be uploaded with proper dimensions and quality. All these were then reported in an excel sheet for the daily record.

How Our Experts Handled the Project

Here is how our project handler crafted the process of completing this task with the minimum possibility of error:

Step 1 -

Firstly, the client provided us the necessary logins, links to the various aviation sites, details of what he wanted to be published on the site, image features, etc.

Step 2 -

Then, we visited the several sites and gathered news posts by the specific date which we wanted to upload online. We created a database of such news posts for ease of data handling.

Step 3 -

Our expert then started to input all this news from the client’s ID along with the necessary tags and category. The images were also added according to the required dimensions.

Step 4 -

The client solved any queries that may have occurred during the project by directly interacting with the project handler.

Step 5 -

Once the news uploading was completed, we sent the client daily report so that he can guide us through any changes and keep an eye on the project progress as well.

Problems Solved By Our Experts

The project was quite unambiguous as the client’s directions were very simple. Although, there were some sites where the images were not available or were not in proper image formats. In some sites, the publishing author was not mentioned and proper description was also missing. Our expert used his expertise in this project and solved such upcoming problems immediately. The images were converted to the proper format before uploading to the site. The sites were checked thoroughly so that no information was left out during publishing the same. High accuracy results were achieved due to this quality verification step for every post.

Quick Actions

  • Dual monitor system made it easier to scan the whole post at once.
  • Our project manager used best techniques to ensure 99.9% accuracy.
  • Smart tagging in different news posts, for easy categorizing.
  • Use of latest photo editing apps for best imaging results.
  • Expert project management, delivering results within minimum time frames.
  • Flexible work timings to match the client’s time zone difference.
  • Quality checks rounds before sending the final report to the client.

Client’s Benefits

The client wanted to have daily updates on his news portal and could not afford to lose a valuable resource for this monotonous task. Our project results helped the client to focus on his core business operations while keeping a check on how the uploading work was going on. He saved a lot of time and money by outsourcing this work to us, which essentially requires dedicated tools and resources for best performance. Our expert was able to provide tailored solutions regarding the same task as he was well aware of the project requirements. All these ultimately aided the client in handling the online operations smoothly.

Feedback on Our Results

After the first few upload, the client was certainly satisfied with the progress and quality of the news posts. The images and content quality exceeded his expected standards and he was happy to see the tagging categories. The client even sent us more links related to the project and increased the project scale, due to the first-class outputs. The feedback encouraged us to create more precise results delivered with quick TAT. The client has been outsourcing to us many projects of the same domain.

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