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Updating Client’s Online Database with Car Information from Provided PDFs or Links

Client Profile

The client is from the United States and manages an online auction website, selling cars of various makes and models. The site has its own database created to handle the auction data properly and also to edit if required. This backhand work proved to be much tedious and time consuming for the client’s resources and he decided to outsource this to a reliable outsourcing service provider. He was looking for a whole team of professional data collection operators understanding the ins and outs of any auction portals. Our cost-effective rates and high-end quality of results interested him before he commenced the project with Om Data Entry India.

Project Outlines

The task was designed to update the client’s online database regularly with the newly formed data. There was specific software designed by the client himself that arranged the given data under the proper headings. Along with that, we were also provided with PDFs or site links from where the data was to be processed. That link contained information like lot number, car brand, model details, year, car type, chassis and engine details, auction price, etc., about various cars. All this was to be filled in the software of the web portal. This database was directly connected with the client’s system and so every entry was saved there as well. The database was equipped with a daily record assessing method, to check the work status.

Process for the Project

As the whole project was performed online, not a single error could be afforded by us. To ensure this, our experts crafted the perfect procedure for this project:

Step 1 -

The client sent us the necessary project PDFs and login ID for the database. He also sent us complete information about how he wanted this project to be done.

Step 2 -

Then our competent data processors sat down to figure out the best techniques and tools suitable for this. They examined where the problems could arise and also their solutions.

Step 3 -

Our expert team then commenced the project keeping in mind the specifications and with minimum possible errors. All the data was filled under specific titles and formats.

Step 4 -

The team even solved trivial questions/ doubts directly with the client to avoid confusion and also for the client to keep an eye on the project progress meanwhile.

Step 5 -

After the final records were verified by the QC team, the data was saved in the database for the client to receive, along with the other excel record sheet we maintained for queries.

Problems Solved By Our Experts

Even with the clearest directions, there were some complications in uploading the data. In some car web-sites, the lot number, year of make, car type, model details, etc., information was missing or was in the wrong format. This was not acceptable as the database was strictly validated. So, our experts had to search through other sites for the same car details to be filled in its right place. Also, sometimes, they had to decide themselves which car belonged to what type of model. Also, due to the fast working resources, sometimes the database slowed down or stopped working as a result of heavy loading and unavailability of service. This hampered the work flow, but our team managed to handle such shortcomings easily.

Quick Actions

  • Dual monitor systems for quicker switching and handling of different sites.
  • Inbuilt data verification and validation tools to rectify minute errors.
  • Flexible timing shifts for our team to work steadily and meet the short deadlines.
  • Professional data processors with complete data management knowledge and expertise.
  • Low cost services, for our client to save up to 50% on their outsourcing budget.
  • Personalized customer solutions that suit your business model.

Client’s Benefits

The client’s main purpose for outsourcing this task was to focus on his core business operations while maintaining these online records. The dedicated team at Om Data Entry India offered him everything he was looking for with complete accuracy. The uploaded details reached the client immediately so he could examine them instantly for any errors. With our quick TAT, the client was able to make changes in his database easily whenever necessary. Also, he saved a lot of money, space and his valuable resources which now worked with their complete potential focusing just on their assigned work. Outsourcing has benefited a lot of such businessmen and it helped our client in the same manner.

Feedback on Our Results

In this project also we received highly satisfactory comments on our project results. The database was made with an accuracy detector which measured the precision of entering data directly. The client was happy to see that this detector showed 99.9% accuracy every time we updated the database. The outcomes he got from this database also were quite fruitful for his company. He was glad that his resources were now working efficiently with this regularly updated data collection. Our proficient team of data processors impressed him by the immense comprehension skills and quick adaptability to new tasks. We have been receiving other such outsourcing projects from him since then and he also recommends our services to his business group as well.

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