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Database Creation for The Details from Auction Sites Through Links Provided by The Client

Client Profile

The client works in an auction sitein US, selling all sorts of automobiles, spare parts, furniture items and a lot more. The auction portal is quite huge and has an input of hundreds of items on a daily basis. The client needed someone to keep a track of the items available on the site for sale and the sold items. He could not afford to use his own resources for his back-office work and so he chose outsourcing as his one stop solution. Om Data Entry India offered him the best data collection services for his auction site at the best economical rates.

Project Outlines

The client wanted to create a separate database for the items people uploaded on his site. For this he provided us the links and excelsheet formats for the database creation. Our experts had to collect data of the items like lot number, address of the seller, minimum bidding price, product details, etc., and enter that into the record sheet. All these data are to be recorded before the auction starts as the data is removed as soon as the bidding ends. We had to make sure the details were in proper formatting and under specific titles through Quality Check rounds before submitting the files to the client. These files are sent to the client fortnightly, before the next lot is uploaded online. After submitting one file, the client sends another list of the upcoming lot of auction items.

Process by Our Experts

The process for this project was kept simple for the ease of understanding and error-free results:

Step 1 -

The client provided us the auction site link and excels sheets with proper headings of the item specifications. He explained how we were supposed to collect the online data before auctions.

Step 2 -

Our expert data collectors then analyzed the project and prepared the best tools required for flawless results. The project leader divided the work rationally amongst the team.

Step 3 -

Then the data collection work started and all required data were entered into the record sheet likewise. Complex entries were highlighted for later reconsideration.

Step 4 -

The completed files then went to the quality check team for further evaluation and minor errors were rectified to achieve 99.9% precision.

Step 5 -

Finished seamless results were sent to the client through secured file transferring servers and then another file was sent by the client for other auctions.

Problems Solved By Our Team

The project was quite simple with very less queries and problems to deal with. The site provided by the client was also easy to handle and collect data from. Although after the auction ended, the car details were no longer available. So the essential sale details were to be noted beforehand and that too with precision. Some details of the sellers were also missing like the make year or car model type on the auction portal. For this research had to be done online and details were filled up if found. Also the files need to be sent to the client twice a month and so verification has to be done carefully to ensure entries of every day. But these smaller hurdles were easily crossed by our experts.

Quick Actions

  • Dual monitor systems for better understanding of given site and record sheets.
  • Professional data collection experts working round the clock.
  • Quality check teams are ready with efficient data validation tools.
  • Cost effective rates of first rated services to offer you pocket friendly results.
  • Tailored solutions created specifically to meet all your project expectations and needs.
  • Timed deliveries for you to ask for last minute changes in the final sheets.

Client’s Benefits

One of the main benefits of outsourcing this project was to get the entire auction data collected in one place to be analyzed simultaneously. This helped the client to understand where he needed to upgrade his online portal and in which ways he can sort it resourcefully. This saved him a lot of time and money which he used in developing his core business functions. Along with this, his employees were able to maintain the everyday record of the items uploaded on their site. This makes it easy to verify the product’s authenticity and the seller’s identity. Outsourcing data collection services to us approved the advantages one gets for the same.

Project Review

We sent the first project file to the client in his requested format before the stipulated deadline and that too with the perfect accuracy, which satisfied the client immensely. We were happy to cater him with the best results generated by our highly competent team and high-end technological equipments. He was also impressed by the outsourcing solutions that we crafted especially for his business model. After the first project was submitted to him, our business relations became strong and trustworthy. He keeps on increasing the project scale and also outsources such projects to us often since this one.

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