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Collecting Auction Details Online During the Live Auction for Recording Final Sale Price

Client Profile

We were approached by a successful business manager from USA handling his company’s sales and order department. The client was looking for a reliable outsourcing partner for his backhand data collection work. He wanted to gather the selling details of various cars from an online auction site into his database for his company’s future proceedings. Generally, this sort of task consumes a lot of time and space from the company’s vault and necessary results are not obtained even then. Outsourcing seemed the best option for this to get better results at almost the same rates.

Project Outlines

The project was simply to collect information from this online car auction platform and record it in a properly designed database. The client gave us details about the time and date for the start of such auction along with what products he was looking for. Then at the given instance, our data collection team would sign-into the auction site and start collecting data of the sold as well as bided items. The client asked us to collect the changing meter readings, final price on sold items, as well as screen shots of the sold cars. All this was to be recorded in an appropriately designed excel record sheet. Along with that other information about the cars like lot number, manufacturing details, engine details, car model type, etc., were also to be added. At the end of that particular auction, this excel sheet was sent to the client after verification and formatting.

Process by Our Experts

As the auction was held online, our experts needed a specific procedure so that there were no issues while working on it:

Step 1 -

First of all, the client provided us with the auction site details, login IDs and schedule of the car auction. He also sent a sample excel sheet to show how we should enter data and in which format.

Step 2 -

Then, our professional data collectors sat down to analyze the project details and also reviewed the auction procedure beforehand to understand how that works online.

Step 3 -

After that, when the auction started our expert performed data collection with high precision and speed to not miss out any item or its details. Screen-shots of each item sold were also taken immediately following the sale.

Step 4 -

Our quality Check team then verifies the recorded data and rectifies errors if any. They also make sure the formatting and presentation matches the client’s expectations.

Step 5 -

This final file is then submitted to the client through secured FTP servers and the project waits until the next auction starts.

Problems and Their Solutions

As the whole project involves working online on an auction site, it creates some shortcomings regarding network issues and system loading. However, high-tech computer systems at Om Data Entry India are capable of operating smoothly even in over-loaded conditions. Some auction sites remove the car details once it has been sold out. So, our team had to quickly collect the data before the bidding ends. After the sale, the final pricing of cars is also removed when the page is refreshed. This problem was solved by entering the data directly into the excel sheet using the dual monitor systems. Certain auctions lasted up to 6-12 hours continuously. Our experts had to work constantly during this without a break to ensure all details were precisely collected. The client-dedicated nature of our entire team made all these problems very meager.

Quick Actions

  • Dual monitor systems to acquire speed and 99.9% accuracy.
  • Vigorously skilled personnel working on only project at a time.
  • Automated data validation software to avoid innate mistakes.
  • On-time delivery of results regardless of the project size.
  • Secured servers and latest firewall protection for the security of essential business data.
  • Several QC rounds of the project files to offer only the best results.

Client’s Benefits

The auction sites are quite tacky to understand and collect information while on the go. It takes professionals of this specific field who have ample knowledge of how to navigate through such sites. The client saved his vital business resources as well as time and money by outsourcing this backhand work. Our car auction database helped his employees to assess the data resourcefully while working on their respective projects. He got to access a whole team of competent data operators without owning them. This advantage of outsourcing data collection services aided him a lot as he was now able to focus on other necessary core business operations.

Project Review

Our client was extremely satisfied with the results of the first auction data. He was happy to see that the excel records were far more accurate than his expectations and all the necessary car details had been entered correctly. Our faster TAT allowed him to properly analyze the results and alter some details for the next auction. Our creative team even offered him customized data collection solutions, for the ease of his working procedures. Our first-class performance earned us more such projects from him and other business contacts to promote our services as well.

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